Saturday, September 12, 2009

From My Grandchildren Journal

Bryson Hammond
Age 14

Bryson is in 8th grade this year, his last year in middle school.

His favorite classes are Honors Math & Language Arts. He will receive high school credits for both of these classes.

He wants to try out for the football team this year and said that he would love to play football at BYU someday.

Bryson has switched from playing the alto sax and is now playing the tenor sax which he likes a lot better. 

His favorite teacher is Mr. White who he has for band and jazz band.

Happy Birthday Bryson! You are a good young man and we are so proud of you. Keep up the good work in school.  You are probably taller than me now and your voice is deeper too :o)

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

It's been too long....

I don't have any cute kids left in my house to post pictures of, but it's been too long since I have written. We are still trying to get used to living in Houston. Our temperatures are mild, but very changeable. I'm hoping that these overcast days will diminish when spring and summer roll around. After living in sunny Florida, it seems kind of gloomy.

Barbara Ann McBride Waters - April 22, 1971 - January 22, 2009

In January we received very sad news that my beautiful niece, Barbie had passed away. Barbie was only 37 and had been diagnosed with Leukemia. She had just had a bone marrow transplant in December and we were all hopeful that it would be a success story. After the autopsy they found that she had infection in her internal organs and her body was just not strong enough to fight it off with her weakened immune system. Barbie left behind 3 darling children as well as her mother, father, sister and brother who I know miss her immensely. Sometimes I'll think about her and just can't believe that she is really gone. I am confident that she has returned to the loving arms of her Savior and rejoice in that.

Barbie we love and miss you so much! I am so glad that I had the opportunity to have you as my niece.

Barbie with her children, Andrew, Shelby & Austin -2008

Together Again!
Janet, Rick, Pat & Nancy -January 29, 2009

Friday, December 12, 2008

This picture was a challenge but they are all so cute!! All 12 of them together for the first time.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Thanksgiving in Atlanta

We just had a wonderful time celebrating Thanksgiving, two birthdays (Al's & Aimee's) and Kirsten's baptism. We were all together for the first time in four years and enjoyed much fun and laughter. I have posted some of the pictures on the side but will be posting more soon.

I am so thankful to each family for the sacrafices they made in order to make this all come together. I love you all so much, and as I tell the grandkids I will tell you also that I wish I could just hug you all forever!!

We are so happy that we could be there for Kirsten's baptism also. She was so beautiful in her white dress, she looked like a little angel. My disc in my camera was full by that time so will have to bum some pictures from Aimee. The grandchildren and Lacey & Amy sang the song "If Savior Stood Beside Me" then I had to give my talk and did get a little choke up after hearing their beautiful voices. (We should have had them sing after my talk :o)

Never the less it was a wonderful way to end our time together, times I know we will always remember and hold dear to our hearts.

Friday, October 10, 2008

From My Grandchildren Journal

Kailey Mae Crow
Age 1
Born: 8/1/07

Kailey should be the new Gerber baby, she is soooo cute!
Her favorite things to do are eating and running away from everyone. She loves her blankies too.
Some of the new things that Kailey is learning are saying "Uh Oh", and likes to watch her self in the mirror, she loves her baby dolls and likes to give them hugs. She waives at everyone, and is very friendly and not shy at all. When mom says let's go see ____ she starts waiving.
Kailey has lots of teeth and is getting her big molars in.
Kailey is always happy unless she is hungry. She always tries to steal other kids bottles or sippy cups.
Kailey Mae you are so adorable! You have the most beautiful dimples and I can't wait to see you again!!

From My Grandchildren Journal

Robert Wesley Crow
Age 4
Born: 12/16/03

Wesley's teacher is Ms. Michelle. His favorite thing that he is learning is to write his full name. Right now he can write his name as Wes.

Some of Wesley's favorite things to do are playing Wi especially the Playground game. He is also excited to learn to ride a two wheeler this year.

His best friend at school and church is Matthew.

When asked what his favorite scripture story is he said (in a funny cowboy accent) "Well, I can't answer that". Later he said that he likes the story about how Nephi broke his bow.

Wesley's favorite song is "You Give Love a Bad Name" by Bon Jovi

When asked where he might like to serve a mission he said he would like to serve a mission in Boston.

The last time I talked to Wesley on the phone he said out of the blue, "I'll be right here when you get back from getting the mail" I asked him if he was talking to his mom and he said no he was talking to me. It kind of brought tears to my eyes because I had just been there for a visit and it made me feel like he was waiting for me to come back.

Wesley you are my sweetheart! Can't wait for your big bear hug when I see you in November!!

From My Grandchildren Journal

Allison Brittany Crow
Age 7
Born: 7/24/01
2nd Grade

Allison's teacher this year is Ms.Bradshaw. Her favorite classes are Math & Science.

Her favorite thing to do is to play Barbies with her cousin Larissa.

Best friends at school are Ansley and Ella. Best friends at church are Kyah and Devanie.

Her favorite scripture story is the story of Queen Esther because she was so brave.

Her favorite music is the Primary song " I Love To See The Temple".

Someday Allison would like to serve a mission in Utah because that's where she was born.

Allie we miss you so much. You are such a good helper around the house and you have the cutest dimples too! I have lots of hugs that I've been saving up for you. :0)

From My Grandchildren Journal

Devon Michael Crow
10 (soon)
Born: 10/21/98
4th Grade

Devon's teacher this year is Mr. Wolf. His favorite things that he likes about school this year are; Fun Fridays, the game 6 things to choose from , dodge ball, and knock out.

The classes he likes best are History and Science.

Favorite things to do are video games, swimming and roller blading.

Devon's best friends at school are Jefferson and Copeland and best friends at church are Jefferson and Gunner.

Devon's favorite scripture story is about Samuel the Lamanite. He likes this story because Samuel prayed for help and then he had the power of God. The arrows and rocks couldn't hit him or hurt him.

Devon's favorite music genre is Rock, and favorite songs are Fire and the Flames and Enter Sandman.

When thinking about going on a mission some day Devon would like to go to Mexico or France and wants to learn a foreign language.

Happy 10th birthday!! It's almost here now. You are such a smart boy Devon and one thing I really love about you is your tender heart for others. Keep on being a good example for your friends and sisters and brother too. I can't wait to see you for Thanksgiving!

**Devon has made up a song that he sings and now Allie and I think Wesley sings it too. Here are some of the words;

I believe I could fly, very high in the sky. I believe I could soar out the door, with my wings in the sky, with my magical wings. I could fly very high in the sky.

I can fly like a bird in the sky, very high in the sky. Making me magic.

Monday, October 6, 2008

From My Grandchildren Journal

Lauren Michelle Memory
Age 2
Born 3/9/06
Lauren has graduated into the Nursery at church but has not quite adjusted to it yet.
She loves to color and to her mommy's dismay is right handed like all of her sisters. No lefties in the family other than mommy.
Some of the new things that she is learning are Primary songs, dancing, and talking in full paragraphs now.
A couple months ago when Aimee was sitting on the couch with Caroline who had a bad cold. Caroline sneezed and it got all over Aimee and then suddenly above them Lauren calls down from the balcony; "Caroline, don't spit on my mommy! O.K.?
Lauren you are such a cute little angel! Don't grow up too much before we get to see you again.

From My Grandchildren Journal

Caroline Elizabeth Memory
Age 5
Born 8/4/03

Caroline loves going to school and riding the bus. Her teachers this year are Ms. Patterson and Mrs. Fry.

Her favorite thing she is learning is school is her letters.

Caroline's favorite things to do are playing on the computor, coloring and painting.

Her favorite friends in school are Mattie and Noah. Best friends from church are Sadie and Kyla.

Caroline likes the scripture story about Nephi when he goes back to get the brass plates from Laban.

Favorite Music: Really Rosie by Carole King

When asked where she might like to serve a mission some day, Caroline's reply was "Disney World."

Caroline you are so cute I could just hug you forever!

From My Grandchildren Journal

Kirsten Suzanne Memory
Age 7
Born 11/18/2000
2nd Grade
Kirsten's Teacher this year is Ms. Bolivar. Her favorite classes are Recess and Science.
Her favorite things to do are pulling pranks on her big sister, swimming and watching Hanna Montana.
Kirsten's best friends at school are Clare, Hailey, Nicole, and Erin. Best friends at church are Lily, Sydney, Anna, and Mia.
Her favorite scripture story is of David and Goliath.
Favorite Music: Hanna Montana
When asked where she thinks she might like to serve a mission she said: "Where ever my friends are going at the time."
Kirsten I can't believe that you are almost 8 years old! We are so looking forward to coming to your baptism in November. You are a very lovely and creative girl and we miss you so much.

From My Grandchildren Journal

Lindsey Morgan Memory
Age 9
Born 7/21/99
4th Grade

Lindsey's teachers this year are Ms. Houston and Ms Baskam. She is looping this year which means that her teacher(s) chose to move up a grade with their class from last year.
Lindsey's favorite things to do are dance (ballet, jazz & character), playing on the trampoline, and hide & seek with dad when he comes home.
Her favorite classes so far this year are Reading and Writing.
Lindsey's best friends at school are Ashley and Sydney. Best friends at church are Katie and Cassidy.
Her favorite scripture story is when Nephi was building the ship the Lord commanded him to build, he had the power of the Lord with him and made his brothers fall to the ground by shocking them when they mocked him and refused to help.
Favorite music: Church Primary Music
When thinking about possibly serving a mission, Lindsey thinks she would like to serve a mission in Japan like her aunt Andrea did.
Lindsey you are such a sweetheart and I miss your sweet smiling face. We can't wait to see you in November!!

From My Grandchildren Journal

Stetson David Hammond
Age 5
Born: 3/15/03

Stetson's teacher is Ms. Williamson. He is loving school and he like the stories his teach reads about Gingerbreadmen and also likes learning the alphabet.

His favorite things to do are watching Green Goblin, Playing V-Smile, and swimming.

Favorite movie: Spiderman

His best friend at school and at church is Paul.

Stetson likes the story about David & Goliath because David was so strong and smart and he had faith.

He would like to serve a French Canadian mission some day.

Stetson we are so glad that we live so close to you now and love it when you come over and watch Spiderman with us!

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

From My Grandchildren Journal

Joshua Dalton Hammond
Age 7
Born 12/6/2000
2nd Grade

Joshua's teacher this year is Ms. Williams. His favorite class is Science.

His favorite things to do are watching the t.v. show "How it's Made" and PlayStation - Need for Speed.

Joshua's best friend at school is Marcus and best friend at church is Dylan.

Favorite movie: Transformers

Favorite car: Lamborghini (Light Green)

Joshua's favorite scripture story is about Ammon when he was protecting the kings sheep he had the strength of the Lord and cut off the arms of the men trying to scatter the sheep. He likes this story because Ammon became so strong from following the Lord.

Joshua you are so creative in your thinking and are amazing! You look so much like your dad when he was young.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

From My Grandchildren Journal

Sydney Mariah
Age 11
Born 9/26/97

Sydney's teacher is Mrs Condrey and her favorite classes are Art, PE, Music, Science and Math.

Her favorite things to do are cooking, drawing, riding bike, and playing games.

Sydney's best friends at school are Alexia, Amari, and Kayla. Her best friends at church are Sarah Bush, Sara Hanson, Miranda and Jenna.

Her favorite scripture story is about Nephi's broken bow because even though everyone was mad at him for breaking it and now didn't have anyway to feed the family, he didn't give up and went and made his own bow.

Favorite Car: Mustang

Favorite Music: The Jonas Brothers & Hanna Montana

If Sydney decides to serve a mission when she is older she would like to serve it in Hawaii.

Happy 11th Birthday Sydney! You beautiful redhead. You make the best cookies in town! :0)

Sunday, September 21, 2008

From My Grandchildren Journal

Bryson Daniel Hammond
Age 13
Born 9/11/1995
7th grade
Bryson's favorite class is Jazz Band. He has 7 different teachers this year. His best friend at school is Shawn Wilson and best friend at church is Austin Graham.
When not in school his favorite things to do are outdoor sports, football, and PlayStation.
His favorite car is a black Lamborghini.
Bryson's favorite scripture story is Daniel and the Lion's Den because he never gave up trying to preach the gospel. Maybe because his middle name is Daniel also.
Bryson is planning to save $12,000.00 for his mission and would like to serve it anywhere that would be Spanish speaking.
Happy 13th Birthday Bryson! You are an awesome grandson and we are so proud of you.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Tis The Season for Hurricanes.. & Lacey's Miracle

I've decided that my least favorite names this year are Fay, Gustav, Hanna, Ike, and Josephine. We still are having trouble with flood waters left over from Fay just a few miles north of us in Sanford. Now it looks like Hanna will be upon us before the weekend. The islands have really been taking a beating.

I just returned from Lacey's miracle trip to TX. Her husband Bryan had a hiking trip planned for the second week of August and she called me one day to say that we needed a miracle to happen so that I could go to TX and spend the week with her and the kids. Just thinking about going to TX to see them all made me start wishing for a miracle too. Almost one year ago to the day, I left TX to move back to FL where Allan was already living and working. It was only one week after little Kailey Mae was born. Now Kailey was having her first birthday and I was going to miss it!

Well, we got our miracle. Bryan told Lacey that they had enough sky miles to get me out there and back. Now we just had to figure out what to do about my job. It was too late to ask for time off. Since I work from home, I was able to just work my regular hours from their home using their phone and PC. Everything worked out just great! I arrived home the day before we started to feel the effects of Fay. Luckily we didn't lose power and the roads were not too bad in our neighborhood. Just ankle deep water in some parts of the grass.

I'm am starting a grandchildren journal. I can't ever remember what grade they are in and sometimes have to think pretty hard to remember their ages. Aimee kind of helped me develop the idea by suggesting that I write it down. So now I will need a school picture of all of the kids to go in my journal. It's pretty fun. I've already interviewed Bryson, Sydney, Joshua and Stetson. Just have 8 more to go.... Maybe I'll post them all on here when I'm done!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Summertime in Lake Mary

I must say that it's been kind of like a sauna lately. But it is good to be getting the summer rains again. Not only is it good for the grass, crops, and water supply, but it also helps to get the roofing business going for Al & Brian. Come on rains, keep on comin'!

Al has started a routine of bike riding and then taking a swim before he goes to work. I've been able to go on a couple bike rides with him, but because of my appointments with the chiropractor I haven't had time to go for a swim yet. Wow, if we keep this up maybe I can shed those 15-20 pounds that have been hanging out with me for so long. It's nice that Al doesn't have to leave until around 10:00 am some days.

I'm sorry that I didn't even see some of your comments that you left until today. I just have to get used to checking my blogspot once in awhile. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a blog!!

Hope that you are all enjoying the summer weather!

Friday, June 6, 2008


Hello! This is my first post and not really sure what to say. Al & I just finished watching the movie Nanny McPhee and since some of my grandkids call me nanny instead of nana I thought it would fit. "Nanny Mc Hammond" that is.

We are still enjoying our new apartment here in Lake Mary, FL. It's the perfect size for us having 3 bedrooms, one for our office, one for a guest room and then the master for oursleves and little Rosa too. Rosa's official spot to sleep is under the bed.

It's so great to live closer to Brian & Amy and 4 of our grandkids. We enjoyed going to the beach with them on Memorial Day. Also, it was wonderful to have Lacey & Bryan and 4 more of the grandkids come to visit from TX even though some of them were sick. We enjoyed every minute that we could. We just returned on Monday from visiting Aimee & Brian and our 4 grandkids in GA. It was dance recital weekend and it was so much fun!!

I just want all my grandkids to know how totally AWESOME they are! Stay strong in the gospel and always Choose The Right. You couldn't ask for better parents so listen & obey. Hey that reminds me of a Primary song. Can you think of a song that says "listen & obey"?

With the way the economy is right now we are feeling the crunch on our finances just like so many are, but getting to spend time with family gives us so much joy!! These hard time will pass so we will just focus on the good things in life and be thankful for the blessings we have.